Laidley QLD

Laidley Orthodontist

Dr Angelo Cavallaro provides a small welcoming Laidley orthodontist service. An orthodontist is a dentist who has accomplished professional training in the growth and development of teeth and the anatomical elements including curative and preventive practices of dentofacial abnormalities that need re-positioning of tissues, jaws, and teeth through mechanical or practical methods.

Laidley QLD

In happiness, some individuals avoid smiling. Others cover their mouth using their hands. Their mis-arranged teeth make them uncomfortable.

In such cases, visiting an orthodontist is necessary.

Dr Cavallaro has master’s degree in orthodontics from the University of Queensland which involves three years of post graduate study, after graduation as a dentist.

What is the Work of an Orthodontist?

The biggest reason you need visiting an orthodontist is similar for children and adults – curing malocclusion. Orthodontists can assist you in straightening your teeth and enhancing your chewing by modifying how teeth match together and how jaws align.

Dr Cavallaro is registered with the Australian Society of Orthodontists, which presupposes a high level of orthodontic qualification experience and reputation.