Dr. Cavallaro provides a small Camira Orthodontist service which is family oriented and friendly. Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the straightening of the teeth, jaw alignments, and improved teeth function.

Camira Orthodontist

Dr Cavallaro provides a small Camira Orthodontic service which is family oriented and friendly.

Orthodontics is a speciality branch of dentistry that deals with the straightening of the teeth, jaw alignments, and improved teeth function. We are committed to achieving excellent results and have been creating beautiful smiles perfect profiles for more than twenty years. Book an appointment with our specialist orthodontist today.

Our Orthodontic Specialist – Dr Cavallaro

When it comes to orthodontic care, a specialist is vital to make sure that everything progresses well throughout the treatment. The main reason, you should visit us for your orthodontic treatment is that all work is carried out personally by the orthodontist.


Qualifications of the orthodontist

Dr Cavallaro has a Master’s degree from the University of Queensland, which is one of the top universities in Australia.

This qualification requires three years post-graduate, full-time study after graduating as a dentist.

He is also a member of the Australian Society of Orthodontics, which pre-supposes a certain level of qualification, of the Australian Society, they have to make sure that you are qualified, experience and reputable in the industry. Additionally, the Orthodontic specialist is a regular attendee of the American sessions that helps him to be updated with the latest advances in the treatment of orthodontist.

Members of the American Association of Orthodontics, an elite group dedicated to clinical excellence.

Member of the World Federation of Orthodontists.

Services provided in your area of Camira

We provide a variety of orthodontic services and treatments under one roof. All these services are carried out by the orthodontist. The services provided are; Invisalign, expanders, bracers, retainers, and plates.

Dr Cavallaro provides orthodontic services in different parts of South East Queensland, Australia. He has private practices in Ipswich, Camira, and Gatton.

If you wish to see Dr Cavallaro, it is important to book an appointment and know the day and time that he will be available in your location.

Dr Cavallaro is experienced in public sector treatment, as he also works in the public health system at Children’s Oral Health in Herston.

Dr Cavallaro’s Experience

After training, it is important for an orthodontic specialist to gain experience. Dr Cavallaro has more than twenty years experience in both private and public health systems.

Throughout his practice, he has gained extensive experience in orthodontics, while the results he has achieved have earned him an excellent reputation.

Our base location

Our orthodontist offices are well situated in the medical precinct in central Ipswich, Queensland. We are located across St. Andrews Private Hospital. We also provide an Camira Orthodontist service.

Our services are available throughout the week during working hours. You can book an appointment with the orthodontist by contacting us. We have excellent customer support services, where we answer calls and reply to emails immediately.

We take a short time to make a booking for you and give you an appointment for your scheduled orthodontic treatment. Our reception is very friendly, and every effort will be made to ensure your comfort.

Stacey, Dr Cavallaro’s office manager, will take you through the processes involved in the treatment and make sure you are comfortable as possible for you treatment. She is also Dr Cavallaro’s clinical assistant and has been with him for 20 years.

We have ample onsite parking where your car will be safe until you finish your appointment with the orthodontist.